Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Yesterday was my first Christmas. Actually, Daddy said it was probably my second, but Mommy said that she didn't want to think about me having Christmas with another family, because she wanted it to be my first and best Christmas. Mommy's a little weird, but I love her, so I'll just say it was my first Christmas! And it was fun!

On Christmas Eve we went to Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Tori's house for dinner. I love going to their house because there are plenty of things for me to steal. Grandma had decorated for Christmas so there were even more things to steal! I especially liked the pine cones that she left out. Mommy always tells me that pine cones belong outside, so I can't bring them in the house...but for some reason, Grandma had a bunch of them inside. Yummy. I was very good around their Christmas tree, but I accidentally broke one ornament with my tail. I didn't mean to, I was just wagging my tail and the ornament got in the way!

The next morning, Christmas Day, we woke up and went on a walk, like normal. Then, Mommy and Daddy let me into the living room, where I'm never allowed, so that was exciting in itself. The Christmas tree was in there and I was very good, I didn't knock anything off, and I didn't steal any of the ornaments. But I did lick a few of them -- I wanted to see what they tasted like. Then Mommy and Daddy gave me presents and let me unwrap them all by my self. I got a new football and a chicken flavored nylabone!

Then we went into the family room, where the stockings were hung by the fireplace. There were lots of good treats in my stocking, like peanut treats and cookies. Mommy says that the three doggies on my stocking look like Aunt Tori, Cousin Sami and Me. Here's a picture of me doing my impression of the doggie on the bottom of the stocking.

After breakfast, we got into the car and drove. I had no idea where we were going, because we went in the direction of Aunt Tori's but then went past her house! We kept driving. When we got out of the car, my other grandparents were there! I had never been to their house before, and they were very excited to see me. Grandma had lots of treats for me, and she kept feeding me pieces of ham. I was so good while we were there that Grandma and Grandpa asked me to stay!

Grandma fed me so much ham, that Mommy and Daddy were worried that I would get car sick again. So much that they stopped the car every five minutes to check on me. They needed to calm down. I was fine. Which proves I need to eat more people food before car rides so I don't get sick!

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 21, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It seems like I start out every blog post like this, but...sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I'd like to blog more, but I need Mommy to help me blog, and she either doesn't have her laptop at home, or we're too busy. She also says that since I've gotten so good, there isn't as much to blog about.

I'm hoping that since Mommy has a bunch of days off in the next few weeks that at the least she'll help me put up a few new pictures. So stay tuned.

Speaking of pictures, here's one of me helping Mommy wrap Daddy's Christmas present. She looked like she was having trouble with it, so I climbed up on the dining room table to help her. I also helped her wrap Aunt's present. It looked like it might be too big, so I stepped on it to squash it. I'm very helpful.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Sorry I'm a little late, I was having too much fun to blog!

Like Halloween, I'm not sure what Thanksgiving it, but I sure do like it. It started out on Wednesday with Mommy bringing home a big raw chicken from the store. She told me it was a turkey, but it didn't look like the turkeys that live in our neighborhood, so I'm not sure if it wasn't a chicken, but we'll call it a turkey for Mom's sake. She put the turkey on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator, right at my nose level. Every time she opened the door, I stuck my nose in to lick the turkey! Then the next morning, we got up late for a Thursday, and no one went to work! Mommy started cooking at 9 in the morning! I got snacks at 9 in the morning! Then she took the turkey out of the fridge, and rubbed butter all over the turkey. I never tasted butter before, but I sneaked a lick and it was goooood. I tried to steal some the rest of the day. She put the turkey in the oven and then Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Tori came over, then Aunt and Uncle and Cousin Sami and then my other Grandma and Grandpa! Every one was at my house and they were all paying attention to me. It was great! I barked at Cousin Sami a lot because I wanted her to play with me, but she wouldn't. She was no fun.

After dinner, Grandma gave me a few pieces of turkey. Someone once told Daddy doggies shouldn't eat turkey. Mommy called that person a mean name. I'm glad that person isn't one of my parents. Grandma also bought me, Aunt Tori and Cousin Sami a turkey cookie. It didn't taste like turkey, it tasted like cookie.

Then to top it off, Mommy and Daddy stayed home for three more days! It was great, we went to the dog park with Cousin Sami and Aunt and Uncle every day. I'll tell you more about the dog park in another post. Oh, there will be pictures too. Mommy had to go out of town again, so once she gets back, she'll help me put them up.

Best. Weekend. Ever.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Pittsburgh 3, Cleveland 0

It's been a bad year for Cleveland. The Steelers beat the Browns twice, and I moved to Pittsburgh at the end of April. Three big losses for Cleveland. So the way I see it, the score is 3 to 0, Pittsburgh. Sorry Cleveland. Go Steelers!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Note on howl-o-ween

Howl-o-ween was FUN! I wore my costume all night and only tried to eat it once. Everyone loved my costume, especially the little girls that came to visit. They thought I was so cute (which I am). I got so much attention from all the people who came to our door and I love attention. I was so tired that I fell asleep in my costume. Howl-o-ween is great.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howl-o-ween

Happy Howl-o-ween from me, Coop-o-saurus Rex!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Toucan Coop

Yesterday I got stung by a bug on my nose! We were on our walk and I felt something on my nose so I itched it. Mommy looked at me funny and said my beak looked red. My snout started to swell, and mommy said I looked like a toucan! Luckily the swelling went down by this morning before mommy could take a picture. That would have been embarassing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello Cleveland!

So, there are many reasons I haven't blogged in a while. All of them are my mommy and/or daddy's fault. Mommy has been pretty busy. She got a new job, which she says is a lot like the old job but with less stress. All I know is that I think her new job is awesome because she can leave later in the mornings and comes home earier in the evenings. And when she comes home earlier in the evenings, I get more walk and play time.

Daddy bought a new computer, which something was wrong with, so we couldn't upload pictures onto the blog. Mommy says the pictures are the best part of the blog, since I'm so good looking, so she was reluctant to post without pictures. Daddy just temporarily fixed the computer over the weekend, so we're up and running. At least until he breaks it again. He says it isn't his fault, that it's Bill Gates'. I don't know who it is, but if I ever meet him, I'll bite him for keeping me from blogging!

So, a few exciting things have happened to me over the past couple of months. First, over Labor Day, Aunt Tori stayed with us for a few days. She is a lazy dog, she spent the whole time she was here sitting on the couch. She isn't allowed on the couch at grandma and grandpa's so when she comes to my house she just plops on the couch and refuses to move. I spent the whole first day she was here barking at her to get off and play, but she wouldn't. Eventually I gave up. Aunt Tori barks a lot too. Mommy says we were two loudmouths. Aunt Tori and I did have fun when mommy took us on walks. I would go one way and Aunt Tori would go another and we'd wrap mommy up in our leashes. It was very funny!

Then the next week I went on vacation to grandma and grandpa's...I had a suprise when I got there, not only was Aunt Tori there, but my cousin Sami and people-Uncle were there! Mommy says that cousin Sami and my people aunt and uncle are moving to Pittsburgh, and until they find a new house, uncle and Sami were staying with grandma and grandpa. I had lots of fun on my vacation taking walks in the woods and following grandma around the house. Don't tell cousin Sami, but I think grandma likes me the best. I also really liked playing with my uncle. He was my "special friend," if you know what I mean! I can't wait for them to move here so I can visit all the time!

Earlier in October was my mommy and daddy's second wedding annivesary. They got presents, but no one got me a present. But they did let me help unwrap the presents and they made me wear a bow on my head.

Last week, mommy went away for a few days. At first I thought she snuck in to the house while I was out on a walk with daddy, but I looked all over the house for her and couldn't find her. I missed her, but I had so much fun with daddy, that it wasn't so bad. Daddy came home early from work every day to walk me. Over the weekend he took me to the park every day. It was so much fun, we walked around and saw other dogs and played in the creek! And he let me come upstairs into the office with him. I haven't been upstairs in forever! Mommy just came home last night and I was very happy to see her. I snuggled with her all night.

Otherwise, I'm doing well. I started to get a little wild again when the weather got cooler. I've started to try to play with my leash when we're on walks. I have learned a new trick through. When I get wild and try to pull at mommy and daddy's clothes, they'll tell me to get a toy and I will find a toy and we'll play with that instead.

I really like the fall, I can run around and not get too hot. The neighbors have pushed all the leaves that fell off the trees into piles by the street. I love to walk through them. Mommy says it's okay as long as I don't mess up the piles too much.

So, sorry I haven't updated! I promise to try to do better! To my friends in Cleveland, it's nice to know that you still like to hear from me!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hot dog.

We had a big storm on Thursday. It was very scary, so much so that I asked mommy to go into work late because I was a little scared. But not a lot scared, because I am a brave boy. I sat in mommy's lap until the storm stopped, then mom went to work.

Later that day it stormed again, and no one was around to hold my paw, but I wasn't too scared. But then the lights went out and I was alone in the dark. Then it got hot because the air conditioner wasn't working. Mom said it wasn't that hot, and I was just being a baby because I've had air conditioning all my life.

When mom came home from work we went for a walk. There were sticks and garbage all over the street! It was so much fun! There were so many things to steal and all the neighbors were sitting outside.

The electricity didn't come on until 6:30 p.m. the next day! I was so happy to have the air conditioning back!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The dog who must not be named

I hate Harry Potter. Mommy can't pay attention to a book and pay attention to me at the same time. If I had a chance, I'd eat Harry Potter and all of his papery-goodness.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't care what mommy says, bugs are a fun, yummy and interactive snack. Mmmm. Ants.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A prisoner in my own home!

I have been so good lately, mommy and daddy have stopped putting me in my crate when they go to work or go on errands. First they just let me stay in the family room, then since I didn't chew anything or do anything else bad, they started let me stay in the family room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is the "time-out" room but sometimes I like to go in there by myself when I get hot, because it gets really cold in there. Its not so bad in there as long as the door stays open.

It has been really hot outside, so today, while mom and dad were at work I went to play in the bathroom. When I was playing, somehow the door shut behind me! I don't know how that happened! So I was stuck all day in the time-out room and I hadn't even done anything wrong. I don't know how long I was in there, but it seemed like forever until mommy came home and rescued me! I hope that never happens again!

Besides getting stuck in the bathroom, being able to roam around all day is great! I can look out the windows at the neighborhood; I can drink water out of my bowl instead of the water bottle in my crate; and I can nap on the couch. Now if I could only convince mommy and daddy not to make me sleep in my crate at night and let me sleep on the couch...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Over the weekend, mommy, daddy and I went on vacation. It was so much fun! I wish we could go on vacation every day!

On Saturday, mommy and daddy packed a lot of stuff into the car. I didn't know what was happening, they kept going up and down the stairs. It made me kind of crazy because I didn't know what was going on. Then they put me in the back of the car and we started driving. After we were driving for a couple of hours I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Ohio!" I got really scared because I thought mommy and daddy might be giving me back to the rescue! I got so scared that I threw up! Mommy promised me I wasn't going back and that we were going somewhere fun, but I was still nervous.

After a few hours we pulled down a long driveway to a big house in the middle of the woods. Mommy and daddy took me out of the car and walked me around the back of the house. Sitting outside were grandma and grandpa and Aunt Tori. With them were four other people and three other dogs and they all seemed to be very excited to see me. Turns out they were my people aunt and uncle and my dog cousin Sami and my uncle's parents and their two dogs, Kirin and Mika (I don't know how to spell Mika's name, so sorry if I spelled it wrong!). Sami is a little black lab and Kirin and Mika are yellow labs.

In the back yard, there was also a big water bowl in the ground. And I mean big. I kept trying to drink out of it, but the water tasted a little funny. Then I saw the other dogs actually get in the big water bowl! Mommy said it wasn't a water bowl, it was called a pool, and I was supposed to swim in it, not drink out of it.

Later in the day, mommy and daddy tried to get me to go into the pool, first by trying to lure me, then by carrying me in. I was a little scared because I don't know how to swim! But mommy and daddy held me the entire time I was in there so it wasn't so bad. Kirin and Mika just jumped right into the pool and swam and swam. I wonder how they learned to swim. I wished I could go swim like them, I just didn't know how!

Later that night we ate dinner which was lots of fun, because most of the people didn't know not to put their napkins in their laps, so I was able to steal a lot of napkins. My uncle's mom also gave all the dogs table scraps. I like her.

Then, when we went to bed, mom and dad tried to put me in a tiny crate. I went in like a good boy, but I had to curl up in a little ball. It was okay, but mom and dad didn't think it was comfortable for me in there so they let me out. Which meant I could sleep wherever I wanted to! So I jumped into bed with mom and dad and slept with them. That was fun! I could wake them up to play whenever I wanted to, but they didn't like that too much.

The next morning I woke mommy up and had her take me outside. Then after I ate my breakfast, I ran into my aunt and uncle's room and woke them up by jumping on them. I figured they wanted to be woken up because they left their door open. Mom took me outside so I wouldn't wake anyone else up, and tried to get me into the pool. I stepped down onto the first step, but was scared to go any further.
Later in the day mom and dad helped me get on a raft in the pool. That was fun! I floated around by myself for a while, then I swam to the edge. Mom and dad started calling me "Coop-o-potomus" because I liked to float around, just like a hippopotomus!

I had so much fun playing and playing all day, by the early evening I was soooo tired that I just fell asleep. I woke up in time to chase the cat. I just wanted to play with him, but he kept running away from me. I don't think he knew that I like cats. I slept very well that night too, in bed, right between mommy and daddy.

The next day, Sami and I chased the cat, then took a long walk around the neighborhood. Then it was time to come back home. I got sick again on the way home. So I guess it wasn't because I was scared of going back to Ohio. Mom says I must just get car sick. I hope that doesn't mean I can't go on vacation anymore because that would make me sad.

Overall, besides the throwing up, vacation was FUN!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my daddy! I love my daddy for the following reasons:

1. He likes to play with me. I especially like when he chases me around the house. It's fun!

2. Every night, he crawls into my crate and straightens my bed out for me before I go to sleep. After he does that I give him thank you kisses.

3. Sometimes when we go on walks, he'll run with me. Mommy won't run with me.

4. He'll scratch my tummy whenever I ask.

5. He'll stare out the window at the birds, squirrels, chipmunks and groundhogs with me.

6. When mommy has to work late, he'll come home early to take me out.

7. He hasn't threatened to give me back once, even when I am bad.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm living in a hospital ward!

Mommy and daddy are sick. I think that they have kennel cough. They've been sleeping alot. It's no fun around here. On a good note, I've gotten a rawhide to chew for two nights in a row. Dad gives them to me because they make me sit still for a couple of hours. I hope mom and dad feel better soon so they can play with me.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Update on me

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while, mommy's been working hard and I've been a little wild, so I haven't gotten on the computer.

First things first. My company manners have greatly improved, so I'm told. I stayed at grandma and grandpa and Aunt Tori's on Saturday while mommy and daddy went somewhere. Grandma said my behavior was much improved from when I visited less than two weeks ago. She was very impressed. I had fun playing with grandpa, he lets me do whatever I want.

The other day mom and I were taking our afternoon walk and a lady down the street commented on how much better I have gotten. I've never met her before, so I'm not sure what she's basing her opinion on. Mom says she must have seen me jumping on mom and attacking my leash one day.

My home manners still need some work. Sometimes I can't stop trying to play rough with daddy. I can't help it, I love him and it's so fun to play with him! I'm being sweeter to mom though because she's made it very clear that she won't play rough with me. Everytime I try she either ignores me or puts me in "time out." I hate when she does that because I want to be with her and dad all the time.

Monday, May 28, 2007


Everyone is back from vacation! Hooray! Mommy and daddy went to California for the weekend, and mommy had to stay there for the rest of the week for work. So, I went to visit grandma and grandpa and Aunt Tori for a day. Then Aunt Tori and I went to camp for the weekend. Camp was fun! I went swimming in the pool. Actually, I ran in circles around the pool and got in for a little bit. I got a bath and had a pedicure too. I made a lot of new friends at camp -- dog and people friends. I didn't see much of Aunt Tori because she didn't want to play all the time like I did. All the workers at camp said how good I was and how much fun I was. They wrote on my report card that they want me to come back soon!

Grandma picked Aunt Tori and me up from camp and took us back to their house. Aunt Tori kept stealing my bones. I wouldn't steal them back, because I'm a little scared of Aunt Tori other dogs. I like to play with them, but I won't take anything from them. That would be rude.

On Monday, daddy came to grandma's and picked me up. We spent the week as bachelors. Which was fun, but not as much fun as it sounds. Daddy still had to go to work during the day. Mommy came home on Friday morning. She played with me all day when she wasn't working on the computer.

While I had fun at camp and at grandma and grandpa's, I missed mom and dad. I sure am glad everyone is home!

This weekend we had so much fun. Mommy and daddy even stayed home with me on Monday. I thought it was because wanted to spend an extra day at home be since I was so good. But mom said they were home because it was Memorial Day. I don't know what that is, but if it means more play time, I like it.
So over the weekend, I helped daddy with the yard work. I helped him pull out weeds. He said I was pulling out the flowers, not the weeds. I think he was mistaken. They looked like weeds to me! Besides, I was just trying to help!

On Monday we all went to Hartwood Acres. The park was so much fun! We started off walking on a path, then off to the side I heard water running. There was a creek and I was allowed to swim in it! I splashed around for a while. I wish mom and dad would have let me off my leash so I really could swim, but mom says that's how doggies lose their parents. And I don't want to lose my parents!

After I was done swimming, we went up the hill to a big fenced in area where doggies like me were allowed to run free! And there were other doggies there too! Dad said it was the dog park. Daddy tried to get me to chase a frisbee but I was more interested in playing with the other dogs and their owners. There was a boxer puppy and a german shepherd who were fun to play with. The german shepherd was there with his dad and people-sister. His people-sister was very nice. She kept petting me and saying how soft I was. I wanted her to come home with us.

After we spent a long time at the dog park, I got really tired, so we came home. Mom said she was very proud of me for being so good at the park. I'm really beginning to be very well behaved! At least in public!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love garbage day!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I went on vacation to grandma's and to camp, neither would let me use the internet! I'll write more about my vacation later. Mom is away on business and I don't want to tell you about my vacation before I tell her about it.

I just wanted to stop in to say how much I love garbage day. It smells so good! And the night before garbage day everyone puts their garbage out at the curb and I have so many good things to sniff that I can't focus on my walk. It makes mom and dad mad, but it's so fun for me! I do my best imitation of a bloodhound and keep my nose to the ground. I like to pretend I'm looking for clues to solve a and dad don't understand and they usually try to make me stop sniffing.

I also love garbage day because when dad takes out the garbage, he takes the garbage can out of the cabinet. Sometimes I go into the cabinet and find something that missed the garbage can that I can steal. I steal it and make mom chase me around the house. It's fun! Mom says one day she's going to shut me in the cabinet. I don't think she'd really do that, do you?

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Today was Mother's Day. My other set of new grandparents came over to visit me. They were very nice and told me how handsome I was.

For Mother's Day, I tried to be extra-nice to mom all weekend. I even snuggled with her on the couch for a little bit. But only for a little bit because it's so hard for me to sit still!

Happy Mother's day mommy! And grandma! And grandma!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

My first doctor's visit

Today I had a doctor's appointment. When mom came home from work we got in the car and drove to the vet's. I was wild in the car, moving from the back seat, to the front seat, to the back seat...Mom says it was lucky the vet is only 5 minutes away from our house.

Once we got to the vet they made me get on a scale. I weigh 69 pounds! After that, we sat in the waiting room. There were a lot of cats at the vet's, but I didn't bother any of them. They were all in crates, and I wasn't, so I just laughed at them because I was free and they weren't.

Then we went into another room and doctor came in. He was very nice. He said he had a golden retriever just like me. Mom says it's good that he has golden retrievers because then he'll understand me. Doctor said he couldn't understand why my original parents would give away a great dog like me. Mom was right, doctor does get me!

Doctor looked in my mouth, in my ears and up my nose, felt my tummy and listened to my heart. He said I was perfectly normal. Then he gave me three shots. The first two were in my scruff and they didn't hurt, the last was in my bum and that hurt a little.

Mom asked doctor about a bump I've had on my head since before I moved to Pittsburgh. She said some people thought it was a tick, and it had gotten bigger in the last week and a half. Doctor squeezed it and pulled out a big clump of fur. He said it was an ingrown piece of fur. It was over an inch long! And it was thick! Mom said it was gross. I tried to eat it. Mom said that was even grosser.

Then doctor took me into a different room away from mommy, and they gave me another shot. This one really hurt! Mom said they put a microchip under my skin so if I ever get lost, mom and dad would be able to find me. Which is good because I don't want to lose mom and dad, but still...ouchies.

Doctor says I don't have to come back for another year. I'm glad, because even though doctor was nice to me, the shots hurt!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Take me out to the ball game

This afternoon when mom and I went on our walk, we went towards the church. Mom saw a couple of people on the baseball field and thought that they were setting up for a game. She thought since there were only a few people on the field, it might be a good time to test how much I've learned from my lessons. So as we walked towards the field and came up over the hill we saw a whole bunch of kids in matching t-shirts. It turns out there was a t-ball game going on -- the kids who were playing were very short, so mom couldn't see them over the hill!

Mom let me go over to the game, since she had already told me we could go in that direction, and I was so well behaved. All the people at the game commented on how handsome I was -- some said I could be a show dog. I shook paws with a little boy. Then we spent a long time talking to three nice ladies who were shocked at how good I was being. The one lady even asked mommy for teacher's name so teacher could work with her dog.

In between innings, one of the nice ladies called her grandson over to say "hi" to me. He said he thought I looked like Air Bud (from the movie) and that he wanted a dog just like me so I could play sports with him. Then his coach yelled at him to pay attention to the game so he had to go back and sit on the bench. Mean coach. The boy said he wanted to play with me after the game, but mommy said we couldn't stay because we had to go home and work on our lessons and make dinner before daddy came home.

As we were leaving there was another little boy having a meltdown. I don't see why mom was worried about taking me to the game, I didn't have a meltdown, not even when mommy told me we had to go home. I was better behaved than the kids!

Speaking of meltdowns, today was my first morning walk without a meltdown! Mommy was so proud with me, she says it will be much easier for her to wake up knowing that our morning walk will be a pleasant experience. In fact, I was so well behaved this morning that my friend Cookie the springer spaniel's mom told my mom how good I've gotten in such a short time!

My lessons are going very well, and overall, I'm being much better. Mom says that I'm much better in that my badness has gone from "bad" to "annoying." My new game is to nip at mom's feet and pant legs. I think it's fun. Mom does not.

I have perfected "sit," "stay," "down," and "shake." I'm working on "off" and "leave it." Those lessons aren't any fun, because they ususally mean I have to stop doing something fun, like standing on the couch or coffee table or that I have to give mom and dad something I've stolen, like the remote control. I'm hoping that if I refuse to learn those commands my parents will get frustrated and decide to skip those lessons, but they don't seem to be giving up!

Monday, May 7, 2007

I'm brilliant!

I am brilliant. I am brilliant in two ways one good and one bad. I'll tell you about the bad first, and the good second. That way, maybe you'll forget about the bad after reading about the good.

So first, after teacher was here yesterday, mom and dad kept working on my lessons with me. Part of what I learned was if I'm bad, then stop being bad, I get a treat. So last night and this morning I was really bad, because I figured out that to get a treat, I needed to be bad, then stop. Serves mom and dad right for trying to trick me! My new game is to bite the bottom of mommy's pants. Mommy says it's better than biting her arm, but it's still not good.

The second piece of evidence regarding my brillance is that I really love my new dad and mom, and I don't want them to give me away like my first set of parents did, so I have decided that I shouldn't play the above mentioned game too much. So, this afternoon when mom was working with me and when we took our walk, I was very good. I followed all the commands! I was sitting and staying, even when mom walked out of sight! Whenever a car passed, I sat on my own! Mommy said I was so good! She gave me lots of hugs and kisses and lots of treats and kibble. When daddy came home we worked on my lessons again, and I was so good! Again!

After my lessons daddy took me out. He thinks something bit me because I went crazy when we were outside, but I got a hold of myself. Then when we got inside I ran around in figure eights really fast like someone was chasing me. Mommy thought it was funny, daddy thought that there was something wrong with me. There's nothing wrong with me! I'm just "high energy"!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

School Days, School Days

Today my private tutor came to give me lessons. Mom says I'm being home-schooled. Teacher was mean. She sprayed some yucky tasting stuff into my mouth whenever I tried to "mouth" her. It tasted so bad I tried to get it off of my tongue by licking her paper, her pants, the couch, everything. Then she got nicer and taught mom and dad things to do to help me to be good. Teacher had lots of treats. I like treats.

Teacher said that I didn't have "the social skills." I'm not sure what that means, I'm very social! I love people and other dogs! I'll crawl all over anyone! Am I not supposed to do that?

By the time teacher left I was so tired. School is hard!

Update on my tummy

For those of you who know my parents, you might have heard that I may or may not have eaten something that I shouldn't have on Friday. After two vaseline sandwiches, the verdict is in...I didn't eat it. Thanks to all for their concern, my insides are a-okay!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A bad day and a good day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I had a really bad day, especially in the morning. Mommy took away my internet privileges -- I was that bad. Mom says not to dwell on it but not to repeat it either. So moving on...

Today was a GOOD day! I was so good! Mom thinks it could be my best day yet. I was good on our morning walk. I was good while mom and dad were at work (I always am) and I was phenomenly good when mom got home. When she let me out of my crate, I greeted her with wiggles and kisses, I didn't jump at all! Then I waited patiently while she changed clothes and we went on an hour-long walk! I didn't act up once, and we met a lot of my new neighbors. It was so nice outside everyone seemed to be out taking walks just like mom and me do everyday. Why don't they take walks every day? Everyone I met commented on how handsome I was. When we went by the church, there were lots of little kids playing softball and soccer, I wanted to play with them soooo bad, but mommy said I wasn't ready yet. I was good and we turned around and went the other direction. We saw lots of other kids on the street riding bikes and riding in wagons. I was good and only said hi to the ones who said they wanted to say hi to me first.

After we came home mom made dinner and I played with my toys all by myself. Mom didn't even have to tell me to play with the toys instead of trying to play with her. It was the first time since I got here that I played on my own! Then we did tricks. I did so good! I was staying for 7 whole seconds! It also was the first time that I didn't need a time-out before dad came home! In fact I didn't have one time-out all day!

At dinner when mom was preparing the plates, she took a really long time so I jumped up into her seat. I thought dad looked lonely and he needed some company. And I was hoping if I sat at the table mom might put a plate in front of me! Mom said it was a funny coincidence because my foster mom just emailed her today and told her that I used to do the same thing at their house! Mom says that they are reading my blog -- Hi foster mom, foster dad and foster brother (but not foster cats)! Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 30, 2007

Shout-out to Emmy

Thanks for the comment! My mother showed me your picture, you're very pretty. I don't know what "getting married" means, but if you're willing to share your toys, we can get married. Come visit us soon!

Why do parents have to work?

This morning mommy and daddy woke up early for once. Mommy and I went on a walk and met a nice lady who gave me a treat. She's my new friend, I will be looking for her every morning when we go on a walk. I had a few meltdowns on my walk, but mommy made me sit and helped me to calm down. Sometimes I just can't control my excitement! I get so excited that I start jumping around and I can't stop! I think that might be why my first parents gave me away. I'm glad I have new parents that will help me learn to be calm, because mom says people like calm dogs -- and I want everyone to like me!

Then mommy worked from home. I laid right next to her on the floor. I was very good, because mom said if I was bad, she would never be able to work from home ever again. I don't know why she can't work from home all the time. I promise I would be good.

Today we got new furniture in the living room. I'm not too sure why it's called the living room, because no one lives in there. I'm not even allowed in there! I got so excited when the delivery guys came, I couldn't contain myself. I wanted to greet them, but mommy wouldn't take the gate down from the kitchen doorway. She went to greet them, and I wanted to go too, but couldn't because of the dumb gate. I didn't know what to do, I was soooo excited! So I jumped up on the kitchen table. I don't know why, but I just couldn't help myself!

I wanted to supervise the delivery people, but wasn't allowed. Mommy said they might drop a sofa on my head. She kept me gated in the kitchen and family room. I stood guard at the doorway and supervised from there. The delivery men were very nice, they let me give them hugs. I think that deep down inside they really wanted me to help them.

Then mom took me on another walk. I was very good on this walk. Sometimes, when I felt myself start to get excited, I would sit down on my own. I'm learning to figure out when I'm getting excited and how to calm down. Mom says she is very proud of me and that I'm a very smart dog.

After we came back, mom changed her clothes and went to work. I had to go in my crate. I don't mind going in my crate, and mom says she has to go to work so she has money to buy me toys and dog food. So I guess I can live with her going to work, because I sure do love toys and dog food!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


Today was a great day! Mommy and daddy slept in again, but once they got up I ate breakfast and mommy and I went for a long walk. We met another golden retriever on our walk and he was mean. He kept trying to jump on me, so I hid behind mommy. Then he decided he wanted to come on our walk with us. He was very rude running around in people's yards. I walked like a gentleman and stayed with Mommy. At the end of our walk, we went back to the other dog's house and rang his parents' doorbell, but no one answered. It was sad that there was no one there to take him inside. Maybe that's why he was so rude, he didn't have nice parents like I do.

So we came back and then we spent sometime in the back yard. I love the backyard. I could sit out there all day, as long as mommy or daddy would sit with me. I also met my new next door neighbor Joe. Joe says I'd make an excellent bird dog. He seems nice. I also met Joe's dog Peaches who is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Which is a pretty big name for such a little dog. I was very brave since we were separated by a fence and I barked at her. She just rolled her eyes at me.

Then daddy took me on another walk, and I came in and took a nap. When daddy walks me he walks really fast and sometimes even runs with me! It really tuckers me out. When I woke up, there was another golden retriever at the porch door. Mommy said it was my Aunt Tori. She looks exactly like me! We must be related! Aunt Tori came with my new grandma and grandpa. I love my grandparents! They were so nice to me, they brought me toys including a fun new squeaky ball. They both, especially my grandpa, made a big fuss over me. They both kept saying what a good dog I am.

Aunt Tori and I played outside. Then we came in and ate dinner. Aunt Tori took up all the space under the table so I had to lay under mommy's chair. I stayed there all through dinner. I didn't mooch once! After dinner we had a cake for mommy and grandpa's birthdays. Mommy says it's not polite to tell you how old she is, so I won't mention it.

Then, after dinner, I learned about something called the "Cake Fairy." Apparently, somehow, cake gets into dogs' bowls after the people eat. I love the Cake Fairy, I hope she comes to dinner every night! But mommy says she only comes on special days.

Grandma and grandpa left after dinner, and mommy and daddy took me on another walk. Mommy keeps telling me how good I was today. She says she is very proud of me.

I'm really beat after all the fun and excitement from today...and from all the walks! Now I'm going to nap until it's time to go to bed.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I have a new home!

Hi! My name is Cooper. I'm a one year old golden retriever. My parents just adopted me last night from the Golden Retrievers In Need Rescue. They drove the whole way to Ohio from Pittsburgh just to get me. I had been staying with foster parents for close to two months. They were very nice and took great care of me. They were very patient with me, even when I wasn't so good. They had some cats who drove me crazy. The cats kept taunting me by doing things that I thought I couldn't do, like walking on the coffee table or the back of the couch. But I showed them, I got right on the table just like the stupid cats. I miss my foster parents and foster brother, but I sure don't miss the cats.

Anyhow, after spending a few hours at my foster home, my new parents decided that they loved me and wanted to take me home with them, and late last night, I drove with my new parents to Pittsburgh. They tried to put me in the back of the car, but I was very lonely back there, so I jumped into the middle seat, then when my new mom got out of the car, I jumped into the front seat with my new dad. They told me I couldn't drive with my dad, and made me sit in the back seat with mom. That was okay, I slept most of the way with my head in her lap. About two hours into the ride, I woke up and started to eat my luggage that my foster mom had packed my bed in. My new mom then hid it from me.

After two and a half hours in the car we got to my new home and I explored the back yard with my new dad and then came inside and explored the inside. I sniffed absolutely everything in the house, and stole a stinky sock from the hamper. Then I went into my crate and went to bed.

We slept in in the morning, and when we woke up, my new parents tried to take me on a walk. It was raining and I was starving, so I pretended like I didn't like walks so they'd let me come in and eat. It worked! I ate breakfast, then we played for a bit. I love my new daddy. He's definitely the boss. My new mommy, however seems like she might be a bit of a pushover.

My new dad left in the car, and I was home alone with mom. I got a little nutso and tried to eat her arms. She tried to get me to stop, but I didn't listen. So she went and got on the telephone. I heard her say my name and that I was wild and needed some help with my manners and that I would benefit from going to school. I'm not sure what that meant, but I didn't like the sound of it, so I tried to eat the phone while she was talking on it.

After she got off the phone, I tried to make nice with my mom by making her laugh. I chased my tail for a good 15 minutes. I actually caught it a few times. She took video of it. Maybe she'll let me post it for you all to see.

Then we went for a walk around the neighborhood, and mommy said I was very good. We saw a kitty, and I didn't even try to chase her! The walk tired me out for a bit, so I took a little nap until daddy came home.

Now daddy is home and we're watching the football draft. They say I am now a Steelers fan and can't root for the Browns anymore. Mommy also says I have to stop being an Ohio State fan and have to be a Penn State fan.

My latest trick is that I figured out how to get into the bay window behind daddy's chair. I learned that from the cats.

I'm feeling a bit antsy, I'm going to go pester my new parents and get them to play with me. I'll write more later, I hear tomorrow my new grandparents are coming to visit and will be bringing my Aunt Tori.