Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Take me out to the ball game

This afternoon when mom and I went on our walk, we went towards the church. Mom saw a couple of people on the baseball field and thought that they were setting up for a game. She thought since there were only a few people on the field, it might be a good time to test how much I've learned from my lessons. So as we walked towards the field and came up over the hill we saw a whole bunch of kids in matching t-shirts. It turns out there was a t-ball game going on -- the kids who were playing were very short, so mom couldn't see them over the hill!

Mom let me go over to the game, since she had already told me we could go in that direction, and I was so well behaved. All the people at the game commented on how handsome I was -- some said I could be a show dog. I shook paws with a little boy. Then we spent a long time talking to three nice ladies who were shocked at how good I was being. The one lady even asked mommy for teacher's name so teacher could work with her dog.

In between innings, one of the nice ladies called her grandson over to say "hi" to me. He said he thought I looked like Air Bud (from the movie) and that he wanted a dog just like me so I could play sports with him. Then his coach yelled at him to pay attention to the game so he had to go back and sit on the bench. Mean coach. The boy said he wanted to play with me after the game, but mommy said we couldn't stay because we had to go home and work on our lessons and make dinner before daddy came home.

As we were leaving there was another little boy having a meltdown. I don't see why mom was worried about taking me to the game, I didn't have a meltdown, not even when mommy told me we had to go home. I was better behaved than the kids!

Speaking of meltdowns, today was my first morning walk without a meltdown! Mommy was so proud with me, she says it will be much easier for her to wake up knowing that our morning walk will be a pleasant experience. In fact, I was so well behaved this morning that my friend Cookie the springer spaniel's mom told my mom how good I've gotten in such a short time!

My lessons are going very well, and overall, I'm being much better. Mom says that I'm much better in that my badness has gone from "bad" to "annoying." My new game is to nip at mom's feet and pant legs. I think it's fun. Mom does not.

I have perfected "sit," "stay," "down," and "shake." I'm working on "off" and "leave it." Those lessons aren't any fun, because they ususally mean I have to stop doing something fun, like standing on the couch or coffee table or that I have to give mom and dad something I've stolen, like the remote control. I'm hoping that if I refuse to learn those commands my parents will get frustrated and decide to skip those lessons, but they don't seem to be giving up!

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