Thursday, July 26, 2007

The dog who must not be named

I hate Harry Potter. Mommy can't pay attention to a book and pay attention to me at the same time. If I had a chance, I'd eat Harry Potter and all of his papery-goodness.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I don't care what mommy says, bugs are a fun, yummy and interactive snack. Mmmm. Ants.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A prisoner in my own home!

I have been so good lately, mommy and daddy have stopped putting me in my crate when they go to work or go on errands. First they just let me stay in the family room, then since I didn't chew anything or do anything else bad, they started let me stay in the family room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is the "time-out" room but sometimes I like to go in there by myself when I get hot, because it gets really cold in there. Its not so bad in there as long as the door stays open.

It has been really hot outside, so today, while mom and dad were at work I went to play in the bathroom. When I was playing, somehow the door shut behind me! I don't know how that happened! So I was stuck all day in the time-out room and I hadn't even done anything wrong. I don't know how long I was in there, but it seemed like forever until mommy came home and rescued me! I hope that never happens again!

Besides getting stuck in the bathroom, being able to roam around all day is great! I can look out the windows at the neighborhood; I can drink water out of my bowl instead of the water bottle in my crate; and I can nap on the couch. Now if I could only convince mommy and daddy not to make me sleep in my crate at night and let me sleep on the couch...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Over the weekend, mommy, daddy and I went on vacation. It was so much fun! I wish we could go on vacation every day!

On Saturday, mommy and daddy packed a lot of stuff into the car. I didn't know what was happening, they kept going up and down the stairs. It made me kind of crazy because I didn't know what was going on. Then they put me in the back of the car and we started driving. After we were driving for a couple of hours I saw a sign that said "Welcome to Ohio!" I got really scared because I thought mommy and daddy might be giving me back to the rescue! I got so scared that I threw up! Mommy promised me I wasn't going back and that we were going somewhere fun, but I was still nervous.

After a few hours we pulled down a long driveway to a big house in the middle of the woods. Mommy and daddy took me out of the car and walked me around the back of the house. Sitting outside were grandma and grandpa and Aunt Tori. With them were four other people and three other dogs and they all seemed to be very excited to see me. Turns out they were my people aunt and uncle and my dog cousin Sami and my uncle's parents and their two dogs, Kirin and Mika (I don't know how to spell Mika's name, so sorry if I spelled it wrong!). Sami is a little black lab and Kirin and Mika are yellow labs.

In the back yard, there was also a big water bowl in the ground. And I mean big. I kept trying to drink out of it, but the water tasted a little funny. Then I saw the other dogs actually get in the big water bowl! Mommy said it wasn't a water bowl, it was called a pool, and I was supposed to swim in it, not drink out of it.

Later in the day, mommy and daddy tried to get me to go into the pool, first by trying to lure me, then by carrying me in. I was a little scared because I don't know how to swim! But mommy and daddy held me the entire time I was in there so it wasn't so bad. Kirin and Mika just jumped right into the pool and swam and swam. I wonder how they learned to swim. I wished I could go swim like them, I just didn't know how!

Later that night we ate dinner which was lots of fun, because most of the people didn't know not to put their napkins in their laps, so I was able to steal a lot of napkins. My uncle's mom also gave all the dogs table scraps. I like her.

Then, when we went to bed, mom and dad tried to put me in a tiny crate. I went in like a good boy, but I had to curl up in a little ball. It was okay, but mom and dad didn't think it was comfortable for me in there so they let me out. Which meant I could sleep wherever I wanted to! So I jumped into bed with mom and dad and slept with them. That was fun! I could wake them up to play whenever I wanted to, but they didn't like that too much.

The next morning I woke mommy up and had her take me outside. Then after I ate my breakfast, I ran into my aunt and uncle's room and woke them up by jumping on them. I figured they wanted to be woken up because they left their door open. Mom took me outside so I wouldn't wake anyone else up, and tried to get me into the pool. I stepped down onto the first step, but was scared to go any further.
Later in the day mom and dad helped me get on a raft in the pool. That was fun! I floated around by myself for a while, then I swam to the edge. Mom and dad started calling me "Coop-o-potomus" because I liked to float around, just like a hippopotomus!

I had so much fun playing and playing all day, by the early evening I was soooo tired that I just fell asleep. I woke up in time to chase the cat. I just wanted to play with him, but he kept running away from me. I don't think he knew that I like cats. I slept very well that night too, in bed, right between mommy and daddy.

The next day, Sami and I chased the cat, then took a long walk around the neighborhood. Then it was time to come back home. I got sick again on the way home. So I guess it wasn't because I was scared of going back to Ohio. Mom says I must just get car sick. I hope that doesn't mean I can't go on vacation anymore because that would make me sad.

Overall, besides the throwing up, vacation was FUN!