Wednesday, May 2, 2007

A bad day and a good day

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I had a really bad day, especially in the morning. Mommy took away my internet privileges -- I was that bad. Mom says not to dwell on it but not to repeat it either. So moving on...

Today was a GOOD day! I was so good! Mom thinks it could be my best day yet. I was good on our morning walk. I was good while mom and dad were at work (I always am) and I was phenomenly good when mom got home. When she let me out of my crate, I greeted her with wiggles and kisses, I didn't jump at all! Then I waited patiently while she changed clothes and we went on an hour-long walk! I didn't act up once, and we met a lot of my new neighbors. It was so nice outside everyone seemed to be out taking walks just like mom and me do everyday. Why don't they take walks every day? Everyone I met commented on how handsome I was. When we went by the church, there were lots of little kids playing softball and soccer, I wanted to play with them soooo bad, but mommy said I wasn't ready yet. I was good and we turned around and went the other direction. We saw lots of other kids on the street riding bikes and riding in wagons. I was good and only said hi to the ones who said they wanted to say hi to me first.

After we came home mom made dinner and I played with my toys all by myself. Mom didn't even have to tell me to play with the toys instead of trying to play with her. It was the first time since I got here that I played on my own! Then we did tricks. I did so good! I was staying for 7 whole seconds! It also was the first time that I didn't need a time-out before dad came home! In fact I didn't have one time-out all day!

At dinner when mom was preparing the plates, she took a really long time so I jumped up into her seat. I thought dad looked lonely and he needed some company. And I was hoping if I sat at the table mom might put a plate in front of me! Mom said it was a funny coincidence because my foster mom just emailed her today and told her that I used to do the same thing at their house! Mom says that they are reading my blog -- Hi foster mom, foster dad and foster brother (but not foster cats)! Thanks for reading!

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