Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love garbage day!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but I went on vacation to grandma's and to camp, neither would let me use the internet! I'll write more about my vacation later. Mom is away on business and I don't want to tell you about my vacation before I tell her about it.

I just wanted to stop in to say how much I love garbage day. It smells so good! And the night before garbage day everyone puts their garbage out at the curb and I have so many good things to sniff that I can't focus on my walk. It makes mom and dad mad, but it's so fun for me! I do my best imitation of a bloodhound and keep my nose to the ground. I like to pretend I'm looking for clues to solve a and dad don't understand and they usually try to make me stop sniffing.

I also love garbage day because when dad takes out the garbage, he takes the garbage can out of the cabinet. Sometimes I go into the cabinet and find something that missed the garbage can that I can steal. I steal it and make mom chase me around the house. It's fun! Mom says one day she's going to shut me in the cabinet. I don't think she'd really do that, do you?

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Biby Cletus said...

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