Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Howl-o-ween

Happy Howl-o-ween from me, Coop-o-saurus Rex!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Toucan Coop

Yesterday I got stung by a bug on my nose! We were on our walk and I felt something on my nose so I itched it. Mommy looked at me funny and said my beak looked red. My snout started to swell, and mommy said I looked like a toucan! Luckily the swelling went down by this morning before mommy could take a picture. That would have been embarassing!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hello Cleveland!

So, there are many reasons I haven't blogged in a while. All of them are my mommy and/or daddy's fault. Mommy has been pretty busy. She got a new job, which she says is a lot like the old job but with less stress. All I know is that I think her new job is awesome because she can leave later in the mornings and comes home earier in the evenings. And when she comes home earlier in the evenings, I get more walk and play time.

Daddy bought a new computer, which something was wrong with, so we couldn't upload pictures onto the blog. Mommy says the pictures are the best part of the blog, since I'm so good looking, so she was reluctant to post without pictures. Daddy just temporarily fixed the computer over the weekend, so we're up and running. At least until he breaks it again. He says it isn't his fault, that it's Bill Gates'. I don't know who it is, but if I ever meet him, I'll bite him for keeping me from blogging!

So, a few exciting things have happened to me over the past couple of months. First, over Labor Day, Aunt Tori stayed with us for a few days. She is a lazy dog, she spent the whole time she was here sitting on the couch. She isn't allowed on the couch at grandma and grandpa's so when she comes to my house she just plops on the couch and refuses to move. I spent the whole first day she was here barking at her to get off and play, but she wouldn't. Eventually I gave up. Aunt Tori barks a lot too. Mommy says we were two loudmouths. Aunt Tori and I did have fun when mommy took us on walks. I would go one way and Aunt Tori would go another and we'd wrap mommy up in our leashes. It was very funny!

Then the next week I went on vacation to grandma and grandpa's...I had a suprise when I got there, not only was Aunt Tori there, but my cousin Sami and people-Uncle were there! Mommy says that cousin Sami and my people aunt and uncle are moving to Pittsburgh, and until they find a new house, uncle and Sami were staying with grandma and grandpa. I had lots of fun on my vacation taking walks in the woods and following grandma around the house. Don't tell cousin Sami, but I think grandma likes me the best. I also really liked playing with my uncle. He was my "special friend," if you know what I mean! I can't wait for them to move here so I can visit all the time!

Earlier in October was my mommy and daddy's second wedding annivesary. They got presents, but no one got me a present. But they did let me help unwrap the presents and they made me wear a bow on my head.

Last week, mommy went away for a few days. At first I thought she snuck in to the house while I was out on a walk with daddy, but I looked all over the house for her and couldn't find her. I missed her, but I had so much fun with daddy, that it wasn't so bad. Daddy came home early from work every day to walk me. Over the weekend he took me to the park every day. It was so much fun, we walked around and saw other dogs and played in the creek! And he let me come upstairs into the office with him. I haven't been upstairs in forever! Mommy just came home last night and I was very happy to see her. I snuggled with her all night.

Otherwise, I'm doing well. I started to get a little wild again when the weather got cooler. I've started to try to play with my leash when we're on walks. I have learned a new trick through. When I get wild and try to pull at mommy and daddy's clothes, they'll tell me to get a toy and I will find a toy and we'll play with that instead.

I really like the fall, I can run around and not get too hot. The neighbors have pushed all the leaves that fell off the trees into piles by the street. I love to walk through them. Mommy says it's okay as long as I don't mess up the piles too much.

So, sorry I haven't updated! I promise to try to do better! To my friends in Cleveland, it's nice to know that you still like to hear from me!