Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A prisoner in my own home!

I have been so good lately, mommy and daddy have stopped putting me in my crate when they go to work or go on errands. First they just let me stay in the family room, then since I didn't chew anything or do anything else bad, they started let me stay in the family room, kitchen and bathroom. The bathroom is the "time-out" room but sometimes I like to go in there by myself when I get hot, because it gets really cold in there. Its not so bad in there as long as the door stays open.

It has been really hot outside, so today, while mom and dad were at work I went to play in the bathroom. When I was playing, somehow the door shut behind me! I don't know how that happened! So I was stuck all day in the time-out room and I hadn't even done anything wrong. I don't know how long I was in there, but it seemed like forever until mommy came home and rescued me! I hope that never happens again!

Besides getting stuck in the bathroom, being able to roam around all day is great! I can look out the windows at the neighborhood; I can drink water out of my bowl instead of the water bottle in my crate; and I can nap on the couch. Now if I could only convince mommy and daddy not to make me sleep in my crate at night and let me sleep on the couch...

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Anonymous said...

Silly dog! Cats are much smarter and would never get stuck in a room all day! Mittens Russell