Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Doggie Waterpark!!!

Mommy and Daddy, can we please go here? Please!

The paper says that they have a nonchlorinated pool, jungle gym, tunnel, pavilion, small dog area, and 6-foot-high fence.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Eddy's blog

My friend Eddy started his own blog, check it out here.

Eddy's a GRIN dog just like me. Eddy has a pet bird. I wish my Mommy and Daddy would let me have a pet.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Dear Pittsburgh Zoo:

At the zoo, which is really close to my house, there is a baby tiger cub. His mommy doesn't love him like my Mommy loves me, so they are considering getting him a friend, which if you read this article could be a dog.

Dear Pittsburgh Zoo: I'm not doing anything during the day, I could use a job. Please, please pick me! I love baby animals, kitties and playing! The baby tiger could even come to my house if he wanted. Mommy and Daddy wouldn't mind!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Can I keep him?

A few weeks ago, I heard a tap, tap, tapping noise at the front window, I jumped up and saw a little yellow bird fly away. A week or two later, I heard the same noise at the office window. I looked up and it was the same bird. He just kept sitting on the window, tap and tapping. Then I jumped on the window and he left. But then he came back, and he kept coming back day after day. I think he wants to be my new pet.

Mommy and Daddy think that he used to live in the birdhouse in our back yard. Over the winter there was a storm and the birdhouse fell out of the tree and broke into pieces. The tree it was in was dead, so Mommy and Daddy had it cut down. So the bird returned from his summer in Florida and his house was gone! How sad for him! So we think he is trying to get into the house to ask where his house went! Mommy and Daddy went to the store and bought him a new house, I hope he likes it!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Hi River and all other GRIN dogs!

As you'll see in the comments on my last post, one of my GRIN brothers, River left me a comment. I love hearing from other GRIN dogs and their families! It makes my tail wag! I wish we lived closer so we could go to the meetings and picnics and see the other GRIN dogs! Maybe one day... first I have to get over getting car sick on long drives!

And I love licking the dishes in the dishwasher too! So much so that once I tried to walk into the dishwasher. Mommy yelled because she thought I was going to snap off the door. Then Mommy and Daddy got a new dishwasher because the old one leaked (which had nothing to do with me trying to stand on the door, I swear!). I'm not allowed to even think about standing on this one.

Oh, and as a note to River's Mom...I think that River and Jasper need some cupcakes. Not people cupcakes, they're just for special occasions, but maybe doggie cupcakes? They taste much better than mice. At least I think they do, I've never eaten a mouse, but I bet Cousin Sami has! I can't wait to read River's success story! I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

Monday, May 5, 2008

What we need around here...

What we need around here is a bigger chair. There's no where for me to sit when I'm in the office! Where am I supposed to sit? On the floor?