Monday, May 28, 2007


Everyone is back from vacation! Hooray! Mommy and daddy went to California for the weekend, and mommy had to stay there for the rest of the week for work. So, I went to visit grandma and grandpa and Aunt Tori for a day. Then Aunt Tori and I went to camp for the weekend. Camp was fun! I went swimming in the pool. Actually, I ran in circles around the pool and got in for a little bit. I got a bath and had a pedicure too. I made a lot of new friends at camp -- dog and people friends. I didn't see much of Aunt Tori because she didn't want to play all the time like I did. All the workers at camp said how good I was and how much fun I was. They wrote on my report card that they want me to come back soon!

Grandma picked Aunt Tori and me up from camp and took us back to their house. Aunt Tori kept stealing my bones. I wouldn't steal them back, because I'm a little scared of Aunt Tori other dogs. I like to play with them, but I won't take anything from them. That would be rude.

On Monday, daddy came to grandma's and picked me up. We spent the week as bachelors. Which was fun, but not as much fun as it sounds. Daddy still had to go to work during the day. Mommy came home on Friday morning. She played with me all day when she wasn't working on the computer.

While I had fun at camp and at grandma and grandpa's, I missed mom and dad. I sure am glad everyone is home!

This weekend we had so much fun. Mommy and daddy even stayed home with me on Monday. I thought it was because wanted to spend an extra day at home be since I was so good. But mom said they were home because it was Memorial Day. I don't know what that is, but if it means more play time, I like it.
So over the weekend, I helped daddy with the yard work. I helped him pull out weeds. He said I was pulling out the flowers, not the weeds. I think he was mistaken. They looked like weeds to me! Besides, I was just trying to help!

On Monday we all went to Hartwood Acres. The park was so much fun! We started off walking on a path, then off to the side I heard water running. There was a creek and I was allowed to swim in it! I splashed around for a while. I wish mom and dad would have let me off my leash so I really could swim, but mom says that's how doggies lose their parents. And I don't want to lose my parents!

After I was done swimming, we went up the hill to a big fenced in area where doggies like me were allowed to run free! And there were other doggies there too! Dad said it was the dog park. Daddy tried to get me to chase a frisbee but I was more interested in playing with the other dogs and their owners. There was a boxer puppy and a german shepherd who were fun to play with. The german shepherd was there with his dad and people-sister. His people-sister was very nice. She kept petting me and saying how soft I was. I wanted her to come home with us.

After we spent a long time at the dog park, I got really tired, so we came home. Mom said she was very proud of me for being so good at the park. I'm really beginning to be very well behaved! At least in public!

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