Tuesday, February 26, 2008

RIP Beckett

Mommy came home from work yesterday and she was very sad. She hugged me extra hard. Turns out that one of the other doggies at GRIN passed away. He wasn't just any dog, because the rescue finds homes for hundreds of dogs, he was the first dog that the rescue had offered to Mommy and Daddy.

Beckett was just like me, he was young, he liked to play and swim and sleep on the couch. When the adoption counselor first told Mommy about him, they told her that he had a couple of seizures. This is fairly common in doggies like me, and usually the dog can take a pill and he'll be better. But the adoption counselor said they didn't know enough about the seizures yet to say for sure if they'd go away or not, since they had only had Beckett for a couple of weeks. Mommy almost said yes because she wanted a dog so badly. She said no because she was scared that Beckett would have a seizure while he was home alone when she and Daddy were at work, and that he would get hurt and no one would be there to help him. As much as she wanted him, and loved his cute pictures, she said no.

Then, GRIN offered her another dog, but he had hip problems, also common with dogs like me, and since Daddy wanted a dog who could run with him, again she said no. Then they offered her me. While I was healthy, I was less well behaved than Beckett and the other doggie, but Mommy thought she'd be better able to handle the misbehaving, and Mommy said that she and Daddy would like to meet me...and the rest is history!

Mommy and Daddy never forgot Beckett. They followed his story on the GRIN website. They laughed at the pictures of Beckett in the swimming pool, and were saddened when they heard his seizures weren't going away and that he was getting sicker.

Mommy always said that if she and Daddy won the lottery she'd quit her job, buy a big house with a big fenced in backyard and a swimming pool and adopt Beckett so we could be brothers. While they never won the lottery, she's says she's sure now he's somewhere now where he can run and play -- and where he has a swimming pool.