Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vote for Me!

No, not in the presidential primary (although I'd make a great president), but in the Bissell Most Valuable Pet Photo Contest. The top five dogs based on votes will make it to the semi-finals each week. The top vote getter of the week's parents get a Pet Hair Eraser vacuum cleaner, which Mommy says that we could use as all my fur seems to be woven into the furniture. Then after all the voting is over, Bissell will take all the semifinalists and choose one winner. That winner gets his (or her) picture on a vacuum cleaner box! And most importantly, the winner gets $10,000 to give to a charity of his (or her) choice. If I had $10,000, I'd give it to GRIN so they could help more dogs like me!

Click here to vote!


And if you'd like to tell all of your friends to vote for me, you can either send them the link above, or email them a link to this post. Do you see the little envelope below, next to where it says "posted by Cooper"? Click on that and you can email a link to this post to everyone you know!

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