Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sick as a dog

So, where have I been? What have I been doing? Well, since New Year's I've been sick. Not real sick, but sick none-the-less. But don't worry loyal readers, I'm all better now! I wanted to tell you that I was better before I told you about being sick because I didn't want anyone to be concerned -- trust me, Mommy and Daddy were concerned enough for everyone.

It all started on New Years Day. Mommy and Daddy decided that they were going to do nothing that day because it was rainy and yucky and they had to go back to work the next day. So Mommy and I sat on the couch and watched TV all day. Mommy didn't notice, but I wasn't feeling well then. Then for the next couple of days, I was really mopey. I didn't want to play much. I still went for my walks, but I wasn't my normal self. Mommy really started to worry when one day after she threw a bone into the family room, I ran to get it, but only pretended to eat it so she wouldn't worry that I wasn't feeling well. Mommy left the room, but she forgot something, so she came back she caught that I was faking! She was very worried, because she knows how much I love bones. She was so worried that she and Daddy skipped a party to stay home with me. That happened on a Friday, and Mommy said if I wasn't better by Monday, we were going to the doctor's.

Over that weekend, I started to feel better and was back to my normal fun self. I was going to the dog park and running around and playing. Then two weeks later, Mommy took me on a walk one morning and I threw up. Mommy was worried because the only other time I had thrown up was when I got car sick. She kept and eye on me and I didn't get sick again...until the next week. The next week, I threw up twice in two days and was mopey again. Mommy called the vet and made an appointment for me to see the doctor.

First the doctor thought I might have eaten something that was stuck in my tummy. She took x-rays of my insides and there was nothing weird in my tummy. Then she thought maybe I had worms, so I took a test for that, and turns out that I didn't have worms. Then the doctor took my temperature -- and she didn't use an ear thermometer like Mommy uses...the indignity! -- and I had a fever. So doctor put me on antibiotics, which made me get sick out the other end. A few days after I was done with the antibiotics, I started to throw up again. We went back to the doctor and she had me get a blood test. When they got the results from that, they thought that I might have Addison's Disease, which can be life threatening if it isn't treated! So I went to the vet's again for another test. That came back negative too, so I didn't have Addison's.

At this point the doctor said that they had ruled out everything life-threatening, which we were glad to hear. Doctor then put me on a special food to see if I was allergic to my food. The special food made me sicker! I had my first, and hopefully last, accident inside the house while Mommy and Daddy were at work. I was so embarrassed, but Mommy told me it wasn't my fault. She was said that I was a good boy because I had my accident in the kitchen on the tile where it was easy to clean up.

So then, the doctor said that maybe I had reflux...just like people do! So, she told Mommy to give me an acid-reducer (I won't say which one, unless the pharmaceutical company wants to pay me for product placement). Mommy gives me a pill a half hour before I eat. We've been doing this for a couple of weeks now, and I haven't been sick since! Hooray! Even better, Mommy wraps the pill in cheese!

So we're pretty sure that I have acid reflux. Mommy and Daddy are so happy that I'm better. I'm back to normal, playing and running and pestering!

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