Thursday, March 6, 2008

My mom has fleas -- The lost post

Hi everyone! We found a lost post! I wrote this back in November, November 11 to be exact, but we forgot to post it! Enjoy!

I forgot to tell everyone, last weekend, mommy and I took a bath. I think mommy had fleas, so she needed a bath. Why I had to go in with her, I don't know. At first I was really excited to go upstairs, because I hardly ever get to go upstairs. Then mommy made me go into the bathroom, and she closed the door. I was mad, because I wanted to go exploring upstairs. Then she turned on the faucet and tried to lure me into the bathtub by letting me drink out of the showerhead. I got into the tub, but then mommy tried to get me all wet and I tried to escape. While I was trying to get out I pulled down the shower curtain. And the curtain rod. Mommy picked me up and put me back in the tub. I kept trying to get out, but she kept putting me back in. It was not fun. Then she put shampoo all over my fur. I rubbed it all over her clothes because, as I said before, she was the one with fleas, not me, so she needed the shampoo. I'm too handsome to have fleas. Finally, she rinsed all the soap off of me and dried me off. Then she made me stay in the kitchen when all I wanted to do was roll in the carpet. In the kitchen all I had to roll on was a towel. It was unfair. Mommy then asked if I was mad at her. I kissed her on the nose, because I can't be mad at her. After all, she does have fleas. Poor mommy. {Note from Mommy: I DO NOT have fleas!}

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