Monday, May 5, 2008

What we need around here...

What we need around here is a bigger chair. There's no where for me to sit when I'm in the office! Where am I supposed to sit? On the floor?


Candi said...

Hi Cooper,happy belated birthday.

your very cute. glad i came across your site can we be friends.

lots of licks

River Miller said...

Hi Cooper,
River here. Me and my foster brother Jasper fka Casper are GRIN dogs and our mom says she just isn't quite sure exactly what to write in a success story yet.
We liked your story about your cupcakes on your birthday.
The best we do for people food around here is licking the plates when they go in the dishwasher.
My bro Jasper must be hungry because he just caught a mouse. This is at least his fourth one and mom and dad want to know exactly why they have a cat around anymore.
As for me, I am with Cooper on the finding a chair near the office thing. Mom calls me King of the Ottoman Empire because I hang out on the ottoman by Dad's office.
Hope we get to meet you some day!