Friday, May 9, 2008

Hi River and all other GRIN dogs!

As you'll see in the comments on my last post, one of my GRIN brothers, River left me a comment. I love hearing from other GRIN dogs and their families! It makes my tail wag! I wish we lived closer so we could go to the meetings and picnics and see the other GRIN dogs! Maybe one day... first I have to get over getting car sick on long drives!

And I love licking the dishes in the dishwasher too! So much so that once I tried to walk into the dishwasher. Mommy yelled because she thought I was going to snap off the door. Then Mommy and Daddy got a new dishwasher because the old one leaked (which had nothing to do with me trying to stand on the door, I swear!). I'm not allowed to even think about standing on this one.

Oh, and as a note to River's Mom...I think that River and Jasper need some cupcakes. Not people cupcakes, they're just for special occasions, but maybe doggie cupcakes? They taste much better than mice. At least I think they do, I've never eaten a mouse, but I bet Cousin Sami has! I can't wait to read River's success story! I'm sure you'll come up with something great!

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Anonymous said...

Hi River, Jasper and Cooper,

My name is Cody and I am a GRIN dog too! I am almost 3, mom says I'll be 3 around Christmas. My sister Zoey is crazy, and has taught me how to bark! Sometimes I just bark to see if I can be louder than her!! I have be going to school twice a week for a while! I do pretty well in obedience, but my favorite is agility. I get to jump and weave and eat lots of treats! I have to work tomorrow for GRIN with Aunt Jane and Uncle Lennie. I love them so much! They were my foster parents until they let my mom take me home. That's ok, because we get to see them alot! Luke too! River and Jasper, did you live with Aunt Jane and Uncle Lennie too? I think I've heard about you before! Well, got to go and get my tummy rubbed!
Talk to you soon!