Monday, June 29, 2009

A day at the playground

One day in the winter after it snowed and the snow was thawing making everything muddy, Daddy took me to the park. Not the dog park, a different park. He was letting me sniff around the playground equipment, and I climbed up by the slide. I was sniffing some ice at the top of the slide, and the ice broke and I slipped and went down the sliding board! It was fun! Mommy said that some day she wanted to come with us to the different park so that she could see me go down the slide. So, on one drizzly day in the Spring, we went back to the park with Mommy.

We went and I sniffed around. Then Daddy took me to the top of the little slide and we showed Mommy what I could do. After going down the little slide, we went up to the twisty slide, Mommy didn't think I'd go down, but I did. Sorry, the picture of me going down isn't good, Mommy was so surprised she wasn't ready to take the picture. But you can see my furry little bottom in the picture on the right!


Eddy said...

Dear Cooper,

That sounds like so much fun! Is that a treat at the bottom of one of the slides? I will do anything for a treat!

Your friend,

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